4 Reasons to have a Brand Guideline Book

Brand guideline book helps drive results since everyone understands the priorities — how one should use each and every brand elements in a consistent manner. According to procurement Head of a fortune 500 company, every individual is “The Brand Ambassador” since they represent the guidelines and reflect brand values through their attributes and reflections. These are exemplified through brand values represented by differing perspectives such as customer attention, origination or management, in a similar manner one deals with clients.

The objective of a brand guideline book is to guard the asset of ones’ brand so that each one who owns the book would continue to generate value for your company. Brand guideline book is the only way of achieving this sense simply by explaining the prominence of one’s brand and unfolding the usage of the elements of the brand.

Any organization that intends to develop Brand guidelines and create platforms of standardization, empowerment limitations, ability, and capability assimilation all boil down to organizational realities.

There are possibly no readily available assessment tools that help in identifying gaps in the current capabilities of an organization but having a brand guideline book is vital as it builds the long-term organizational capability. This book serves as a bible for all those who are currently in the company and even those resources who are new entrants. In other words, they serve as a one-stop shop for brand solutions.

Few incepts listed below readily shows us the effective mechanism of having a brand guideline book and its importance in solving uncalled situations :

1. The inescapable truth of Brand of change

Contradictory burdens, challenging expectations, generating a permanent brand presence, matching conflicting requirements- based on some of these things one understands Brand and what it deals as we progress with challenging analytics, innovation, and challenge to withstand change and demand throughout.

2. Rising up and rising strong to the demand

What is a company or an organization doing to keep pace with the evolving demand across 360 platforms? Is it building a competent brand, reworking existing solutions, solving problems or responding to effective and efficient investments the right solution.

The science behind brand often gets overlooked in the mindless implementation of public practices that we have observed being performed by so-called “BRAND SPECIALISTS “across the globe.

3. Work in progress

A brand does not change with the requirement. What changes are the agility, drive and the demand. A brand has to establish a strong connect with workforce reserves as well as client-both are crucial.

4. Represents consistency

One of the most crucial goals of the brand guideline book is to safeguard and confirm all parties use the same standards and specification while representing your brand in the market. A minute factor such as the typeface, font size, and color codes are important when it comes to both offline and online brand visibility. Brochures, hoardings, pamphlets, newsletter who provide brand information must sync well in one representation.

When we observe other brands carefully from outside, we may get fresh perspective but at the same time lose the importance of the existing brand guideline, we have to risk the perpetuation of common Brand practices and policies across all global organization — making brand guideline books a rather generic function.