Are Machine technologies taking over Manual labour?

New technologies are untethered every day. The man has conquered hundreds of fronts in the past. It is an alarming condition as the blue earth is slowly converting into silver grey. We believe that the creation of modern “technical wonder, automated machines” are somehow settling up well and settling up fast.

The Department of International Automation has clearly stated in their last Press release; the world is moving towards technology. Technology is not running alongside us but it is us who want to run technology to run ahead and we are all very glad about it – haven’t we?

From Manual to automated tasks – how many millennials are transforming their world with the independence of thought and an open-minded enterprise? Are these revolutionary concepts of automation a good beginning? Well, the idea of automation task goes back to the time when one of the great minds had to work on solutions for niche users. Since automated task has not only helped us increase productivity and growth world over but has lead progressive initiatives the world has witnessed.

Many of these people—unleashed from employment are looking for the traditional format.

 There are innumerable reasons why we must support automation technology. We are not only reshaping the economy but are able to decide the far distant vision. Have the automated tasks begun? Well, they are amongst us and are coming; indeed they are already here and have been supporting our jobs day in and day out for a very long time.

Manual labors may find it difficult to initially accept the automation succeeding their capabilities and realize the amount of work these machines would bring. They will be able to handle even greater challenges which need logical reasoning, planning, development and decision making.

Automation does not replace manual work:

One thing is evident and that is, machines or automation has never been crafted or designed to replace manual work – the foremost objective of automation was to make our work more productive and offer more creativity rather than us trapped with data input and output tasks.

Automated task revelation – true fact unearthed

Machines cannot replace Man

A machine can never match the ability of a human brain. Automation only accelerates the whole work process and keeps things transparent so all involved in the automation task are on the same page.

The intention is never to eliminate manual labour.

Then & Now
Human is an asset to an organization and they will always remain. They need support, training and recognition to stay motivated which is not required by automated machines, these automated task doers are high-end server-based programs that depend on run-code. They do have tools. Background coding pretty much from the moment they start their first action.

Efficient in handling repetitive tasks

Automated machines can handle repetitive tasks not only for hours but for days without interruption and break. These machines are intended to function without any flaw yet their execution is an impending question.

What has changed?

If you are waiting for the right time to view the automation, I recommend introduce retail automation and check for yourself how and why it is important to introduce innovation in your business. Well, a simple answer is staying ahead of your competition. It is very crucial to remember the wrong selection of automated task can paralysis your thought process and real-time productivity, hence one must be careful.

Here are few of the most common reasons as to why automation is positioned higher than other social channels

Top 4  inspiring reasons to accept change & adapt

#1: Be the best team

Enhanced job responsibilities, updated training, professional development, up-skilling greatly helps in job satisfaction for your team. This results in the lower percentage of attrition and a very happy staff.

#2: Let your associates support, trust and cement your association

Stability of employee resources consolidates in-house expertise and has the bang-on effect of building knowledge and experience within your company.  Where customer facing staffs communicate with your customers, suppliers, investors, partners and other external stakeholders, their authority establishes you as an industry leader who can be relied upon for the best advice and service delivery.

#3 Benefits of Automating Manual Process

Associates who are in the system for a very long time must become pro-active, together with financial savings achieved from automating manual and give Research & Development a hard push.

Succeed breeds success”, this is one of the processes, means that you can push forward your strategic business plans. An operation team would take care of the rest.

#4. Social Media

Social media is the new digital referral system, where new audiences can read other customer reviews of your company’s offering and be inspired to find out what makes you the ‘go-to’ provider.

#5: Customer – Experience

Technology can add value in ways that your customer or clients will appreciate.  Whether this becomes a better quality of product or service, positive customer experiences engender return sales and customer loyalty.  Where your marketing processes are increasingly automated, this enhances the customer experience of your brand and inspires engagement.