WeDesign and Jonathan Rogers Collaborate To Create A Smart Light Fixture.

WeDesign, a design studio originally in Birmingham, had an opportunity of working for Jonathan Rogers. Yash Garg, Director of WeDesign, took up the project to work with Mr. Rogers on a small, yet an interesting light fixture design.

Jonathan Rogers, a master of his craft, is a respectable glass blowing designer from Essex.  He whetted his appetite for glass blowing at the age of 16, after which he proceeded to pursue it professionally in Edinburg College of Art. He believes in authentic handmade work and uses the traditional blowing and finishing techniques.

Inspired by Louis Poulsen design, Jonathan Rogers worked closely with WeDesign to find an even simpler solution for light fixture. They began their initial work with brainstorming and simple sketching. Post approval, Yash formally designed the tiny light fixture on the software.  A prototype of the design was developed to understand its functionality in the real world. The outcome was a success.

The design was a simple one. The design created has easy adjustments, lesser parts, and different material to give it a different look.

Jonathan has also opened doors for candidates who are interested in learning about the glassblowing techniques. These courses are available at his site at Clavering Glassworks, Essex. It is a one day, six-hour course where candidates are given an introduction to the most exciting craft disciplines. The take home is a piece they have created and a memorable experience. The course details can be found at