5 Important Roles of a Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a unique designation and position that are held by highly motivated and creative individuals. They are individuals who engage, communicate, participate and hyper-connect buyers, brand owners, corporate, engaging experiences with current, future clients and prospective customers. They always project the best in all positive parts; exemplifies the brand and do not let anything come their way.

There are hundreds of roles that they shoulder as Social Media Manager since they become an integral part of the social sphere and at the “brand driving ambassador” which we all strive and survive with.

#1 Exceptional Planning and Projections of Brand Goals

Social Media Manager nurtures all the posts and future projections/plans that foster successful result and widening social presence. The main objective is to ensure the brand achieves their full potential in the areas of marketing and recognition. Social Media Managers are completely dedicated to enhancing the presence through a wide array of plans, catering unique media opportunities, overcoming challenges, analysing brand visibility and creative contents.

#2 Create a “BUZZ”, Make the brand LIVE and LIVING

Social Media Manager’s second primary KRA is to create “the buzz”, which happens when the branding is done uniquely, and one which draws mass attention, the entrepreneurial demeanor attracts and facilitates a dynamic and conducive outcome along the planned dotted lines. The brand is live on media and efforts are made to keep the visibility and presence continuing and “living” throughout all media channels. This is what is studied through market dynamics and trends and one which makes the plan turn to reality.

#3 Error free Content delivery and Content management

Apart from the ones mentioned above, one should as well have known about creative content, publishing formats that acts important while marketing and reviewing campaigns, marketing activities and social broadcasting. All these paired with the right tool helps is building a Social Media plan which is impactful, suitable, focused and ahead on the path of fame and brand glory, curation and above all, ideation.

#4  Ability to strategize and formulate objectives to  achieve the strategies

Each attempt made by the Social Media Manager should be planned. The market is dynamic and ever-changing. To stand out and stand ahead, the emphasis is to create a superior media release or bring a subject with a “bang” in a way which no one has done before.

This creates the most suitable environment for the brand to be known and hence pushes the expectation and reach beyond keeping the relation with influencers and media partners healthy.

#5 Immense knowledge of the market, the dynamics, and trend

The Social media Manager is the one who conceptualizes the content editorial planner, amends and markets content with absolute timely campaigns and “focussed” content to leverage, manage and market ideas. This depends on the content quality as well; a content speaks volume – not only does it depicts the content writers’ mind but also brings thoughts, lifts recognition, markets brand to create awareness. 

The important aspect to be kept in mind is that – Social Media Manager must evaluate the ability and creativity before actually diving one’s effort in the big ocean. When it comes to selecting a content specialist since everything is planned, projected/forecasted ONLY comes true with the usage of a right word and right flow. The Social Media Manager must possess a great understanding of the market which the brand needs to target and understand. Passion will come through as he/she engages and keeps viewers and regular followers connected on a daily basis, with the ultimate goal of turning floating viewers into customers.