Brands that got famous after rebranding .

Companies realized the need to find innovative approaches to substantiate greater brand presence, and therefore rebranded and re-launched to offer a new dimension to their presence in the global market and increase their bottom-line.

Recognizing the need; a number of well-known and not-so-known brands stepped into re-modernization, with a sole purpose to offer a progressive multiplying growth to their brand. The step towards rebranding has shown significant scale with added potential and each emerged as a towering torchbearer impacting and fostering potential push ahead of their competitors on a glorified path of success and recognition.

#1 Brad’s Drink rebranded as Pepsi-Cola:

Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist while experimenting with a few soft-drinks introduced one of his recipes as Brad’s Drink and used this name for 6 years. Finally in the year 1898 renamed Brad’s drink to Pepsi-Cola, which is one of the top world’s preferred brands today.

#2 Auction Web rebranded as eBay :

Auction Web was rebranded as eBay in the year 1997, two years after it was launched for it was one of the 4 sites under the name Pierre Omidyar’s flagship umbrella. Media referred to Auction Web as an Auction site. The company strongly felt the rebranded name would bring them closer to the mass and bring them +100 % added recognition which actually did in a very short span of time.

#3 Blue Ribbon Sports rebranded as NIKE:

Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese shoemaker was the original operator and distributor for Blue Ribbon Sports. However, he was so influenced and impressed by the Greek goddesses of Victory that he took on the name NIKE and rest is history.

#4 Confinity rebranded as PayPal:

Have you heard the name Palm Pilot payment famous during mid-1998? This company was known for it was a combination of two words “Confidence and infinity. An year later one of the technical expert and engineer developed the online version of making payments through email and rebranded the company as PayPal. However Paypal was purchased by eBay in mid of the year 2002 and has been marketing PayPal under its umbrella since mid- 2002.

#5 Hutch-Vodafone:

Famous Vodafone merged with Hutch in India in the year 2007 after its association with Hutchinson. Vodafone transformed its brand presence, logo marketing collaterals, website, and even SIM card folders into blood-red colour since Hutch was a known name. The official advertisement stated ” Hutch is now Vodafone” which became a sensational commercial name PAN India and across the Globe.

#6 Stag Party – Playboy:

Playboy publishers were earlier called as “Stag Party” influenced by a children’s cartoon edition. However the editor changed his mind the last minute and wanted a male icon to do the publicity –the idea did not please him and he thought of an animal with a “tuxedo”.Everything was finalized, last minute they received a notice stating Stag Party was an infringement to the company and they wanted the name changed. The editor and his team quickly changed the name to Playboy.

#7 Old Spice rebranded with an attractive jingle :

Old Spice, a name famous among the senior generation gave rise to a lot of discontent amongst older generation. The company cast Isaiah Mustafa, in an extraordinary advertisement displaying the deodorant to be attractive, pulsating and full of fun and youthful presence. The rebranding effort was a great success and brought a wave of the new trend. This step came to be known as one of the best moves in the advertisement world and it still echoes in everyone’s ears. Hats off!

# 8 Apple –the then now:

This article wouldn’t justify the purpose without a mention of Apple Inc. In the late 1990’s Apple encountered a heavy blow and failed to stand out as a team. Steve took over the job the brand did not stand out. The company decided to transform and they did. With an aim of maximizing brand presence, a host of new innovative ideas were shared, with new logo, tagline, and approach, he started working on the innovative names. 

#9 Computing tabulations recording corporation rebranded as IBM:

IBM was earlier known as International Business Machines. The company received the name IBM through a merger of Tabulating Machine Company( only an abbreviation ). What is noticeable is the abbreviated form IBM gained international recognition within just 88 days.

#10 Marafuka Co. rebranded as Nintendo:

The company incepted in the year 1889 was rebranded as Nintendo for the company started manufacturing playing games along with cards, hence the requirement grew and matured as a demand. Nintendo created history and is rocking the world for all age groups.

One has to understand rebranding isn’t easy and does not yield result immediately. Does one have to dive down? Understand why is your current brand failing? what is required? Study competitor analysis and strike possibilities to take up the risk.