Understanding Indian Designer’s mind : Why are experienced designers planning to settle abroad?

Well, there can be a number of reasons- most obvious one being “international recognition” aka “high-status + personal growth” followed by the “urge to see the world; dive deep into the global understanding of design elements”, experience what International demand is? Combat challenges and competitivenessStrengthen personal understanding and professional drive and so on and so forth.

Designing is one of the most challenging and fascinating careers today and one would agree to the fact that designers experience a continuous dynamic and evolving shift every day across the globe.Talking about Indian designers, they were the “black sheep” a decade ago but they have gradually established a name in the design world. They are being exhibited by top global personalities at various award ceremonies, superstar events, runways and social dos.

World’s renowned  celebrities Lady Gaga, fashion queen Britney Spears, Katy Perry love Indian designers  not only do they wear them but they also live ,entertain and sleep in Indian designs  – we have witnessed many  Indian designers create a niche worldwide -their innovative talent, creative mind, attention to detail makes them one of the sought after designers in the world .They are preferred over other designers for their immense passion and ability to offer something creative each time they get an opportunity and has never disappointed their client or audience.

Stiff competition and global fame from various design portals is exceedingly convincing both aspiring and established designers from India to prioritize the decree of sizing dilemmas.

Interesting design anthropological anecdotes are everywhere on the web and to grab the right CAREER and right opportunity is the demand of time.

The Indian Designing fraternity today requires delving deep into understanding as to what is happening.The mirror which reflects true creativity and portrays design in India are blurred, largely due to a range of self-inflicted issues, politics, corruption, and the difference in opinion. However, talking about India -the context of design has changed and has changed like never before.

Albeit international designing career is a dream come true for many, it uplifts their confidence, motivates them to continue (come what may) offers them freedom, boosts confidence and accelerates their career graph.

Honestly, nothing comes easy in life not even their first International break or happy experience in a foreign land; yet they move with confidence and power of character.

Plunging in an overseas atmosphere involves flexibility and strength of mind.

The question now is

Is it true that Indian designers gain personal and professional growth overseas?

Indian designer career expansion prospects are evidently improved overseas. When a designer works internationally, they certainly stand ahead of others in the competition pool. They earn respect amongst colleague and master their skills, and at times excel their field as well. These designers have great potential as they easily adapt themselves and gets into the skin – they are consistent, hard working, creative and flexible.None-the-less not most Indian designers outsmarts other as they work meticulously to prove they are different – uniquely different.

On the design front, every designer, whether Indian or American has to find a market for their work, so it’s the same. Indian designers travel abroad in search of a job and better infrastructure and facilities and American Designers travel to India to understand the rich culture infused humbly and inspiringly

While pursuing their already flourished career on home grounds –experienced designers prefer international exposure. Undeniably, their broadened perspective offers them an improved impression of the scale of actions and therefore instills more inventive and resourceful initiatives.

Why work overseas? Is it the global circle of people who have your back and can help you get the leg up in future job hunts?

The quality of life improving at an appreciable rate but it’s still not the best one, and when some already established Designer gets an option, he/she is more than happy to switch. Maybe the decision is not permanent but of course, that’s experiential.  

Half of the people here won’t agree to this point, but especially in India, people feel proud of working abroad. They express it with great pleasure that someone in their family is out there working in some other nation, and for a person who has grown up listening to all these stories have a mindset that if (s) he is working abroad her parents/relatives will be as proud as that they are of their long distant relation.

Then there is the excitement, the dream to explore new options, to see what the world outside looks like and to experience everything in real.