Lets be honest. Designers are a unique part of the society creating art that resonates with you or goes against the norms that have been set from age-old time. A designer goes through a lot of ups and downs for the sake of art and sacrificing their emotional and mental well-being.

For some, 2019 may not have been as productive but before we gain momentum and start to lose ourselves in this chaos called life I would like to share some common tips for all designers to note.


We understand, unbiased, that a cluttered work-space can spark inspiration. It is important to note that your mental state may also reflect on your work-space. Clear out the items that you have been We understand (without judgement!) that sometimes a cluttered work-space can spark inspiration. However it is important to note that your mental state may also reflect on your work-space. Clear out the items that you have been procrastinating to throw out. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, do you really need it? Can you access it digitally?

Keep objects of importance/motivation/inspiration near your line of vision. Consider keeping a pen and notepad ready so that you can register your ideas as they come to you. A clean workstation is often a hallmark of a very organised designer. It works like a charm.


Socialising can be a challenging topic for some designers who value their environment of solitude. Socialising brings with it an array of experiences from people you have never met. These experiences can be converted to visuals thereby giving you more food for thought. However, socialising need not be at an overtly crowded party. It could be a small gathering with your tribe who will exchange ideas from their life thereby helping you get deeper insights and sparking creativity.


The internet is filled with exemplary anecdotes of people who have made a mark in their own field of design. They have created masterpieces that are timeless. Reading up about them and doing a thorough case study will help you understand their thought process and how you can apply it to your day to day routine. Reading opens up new windows in your mind where you can visualise from their viewpoint.


We look at our own work with disdain especially when it is a scribble. Scribbles and doodles are the first start to any process. Don’t trash your rough drafts at any cost. When you are busy refining your ideas, there is a big chance you tend you deviate from the original concept. Keep the old art as a reference. At the end of the day, remember that art is not supposed to be perfect. It is a fragment which you put on paper for the world to see. At the end of the day, only consistency can help you improve. The trick is to not stop when you don’t like what you see.


One of the best ways to improve is when you step outside of your comfort zone. Doing commercial, high value, live projects will help you test the waters and challenge your calibre as a designer. Keep looking for opportunities where you feel you can grow and mostly learn something from people you never met. Being at the receiving end of clients is a feeling that might drive you to up your skills and match up to their expectations in a reasonable manner.


Trends come and go and each of them leave some learning behind. They are basically a representation of what major designers and artists are moving towards at that point in time.  Trends can get saturated and with a new year, it’s inevitable that fresh trends will emerge. While they are a great way of grabbing attention and keeping up, never forget your own essence in this world of ever-changing designs. Keep your originality as this is what identifies you with your client base.  


Social media apps can be detrimental, distracting but also a massive advantage. These apps will help you share your work with a variety of audiences in your own town, country or even with people sitting thousand miles away. Create and share your work regularly to gain regular followers who will truly appreciate your output. Social media apps are also a great source of information where you can interact and figure out what kind of designs people are currently moving towards. The possibilities are endless.