Our marketing department got in touch with Pushkaraj Industries Private Limited. They have been operating in Maharashtra as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of nutritious baby food porridge products. The brand has been FSSAI, Ayurveda Licensed and Certified with ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certifications. The founder, Sachin Memane, who also goes by the name ‘Pushkaraj’ takes immense pride in his product quality.

After initial discussions and understanding the current issues, Sachin mentioned that he was looking to rebrand his most prized product- the Ragi Malt and Ragi Oats. These have been the two main products that have been successfully running in the market among the middle class and the lower middle-class segment. The client very specifically discussed about his target market and that he would strictly keep a design only for them. The current designs, though successful as a product, didn’t meet his expectations. He wanted to start the year with a good rebranding exercise.

The initial design would only be approved if we presented him with a first draft. After the approval, the design would be adapted on to the other products.

The design team brainstormed their way through the session. Keeping in mind the target market, we decided to go with colours that appeal to the specific market. This would help the product grab eyeballs mostly due to the colouring shade.  We were requested to remove any photos of babies off the package as the first baby, who was the face of the product, was given legal permissions.

“The current products are dull in terms of colours and the way the ingredients have been highlighted. There is a huge scope of rebranding in this success product. Since the ragi variants are targeted to the mothers with babies, the first impact point must be the shade of colours we will use, keeping the logo in the forefront. The product name must be highlighted but variant must be associated with the colours,” our designer added.

Post the ideation and research sessions, our designer came up with three first drafts. The head designer suggested corrections and improvements for refinement. Thereafter, the second draft of two final designs were sent to the client for review. We were thrilled after Sachin provided us with the initial approval. He mentioned that he would like to go with the colour scheme and the design theme for the rest of the products. We had to be careful about the colours and the flavours it would represent in that particular product. In the next 30 days, the designer was intensely involved in creating a theme and design for the 8 products.


 The first design was started off with Ragi Oats-Multigrain. We were sent the entire product list along with its ingredients. This would give us an idea of the kind of colours we were to use as per the list. For multigrain, we used a shade of red that would represent the ingredients. The client mentioned to us that the kind of ingredients that went into creating the porridge, has always been from ‘real and whole foods.’ The manufacturers do not use any sort of preservative or chemicals. The very essence of the product must be brought out into the package. Keeping this in mind, the first design that was approved was adapted into the other segments of Ragi Oats variety. We observed that there were 4 segments in Ragi Oats and each of them were authentic in its production. The same went for the Ragi Malt version which had four variants and went through the same manufacturing process.

The Ragi Oats variants- mixed fruit, banana, mango and multigrain were prepared. The entire package was designed keeping uniformity and consistency in mind. Due to a few legal regulations, we had to carefully design the nutrition label, recipe guidelines and certification tags on the designs.  The package sizes were mentioned to which we adhered to from the beginning. The first four variants were sent for approval to the client and his legal team. They cross checked it and suggested a few more adjustment changes with regards to the images used in the designs. Post adjustments and approval, we began the design process for Ragi Malt and its variants.
The design was approved and then it went on to get adapted for its four variants- dry fruits, kaju badam, mix veg and pumpkins.

The design was kept similar with a little adjustment to the theme. The colours were kept as per the ingredient list. The client suggested a few changes in terms of spacings and the usage of images. The four variants of Ragi Malt eventually took shape. In between the process, we encountered a few technical issues that took the project back by some business hours. There were some technical snag as the files were getting heavier with each correction. The designs were emailed to the legal team for scrutiny. Post final approval, the open files were to be sent to the printer for dummy printing. The bleed lines were considered, and a dummy printing was done. The printer required files in a fashion that got our project delayed by 16 business hours.

After painful amendments, the printer finally took out second dummy prints of the design. The client mentioned that he was happy with the final product and they looked ready to be used for their fresh batch of supplies.

“These products that I manufacture are quality checked. If there is something I cannot eat, I will never put it for the babies. These are porridges that can be consumed by adults as well due to their high nutrition value. After production, I would like to send you the package for taste test. I would like your reviews on it.” Sachin mentioned over a telephone call.

The final production took place a few days after the project was successfully closed.


Sachin called me up and thanked us profusely for the assistance in rebranding. He mentioned that the designs were received with positive reviews and people could see the products visibly placed on the shelves. This was due to the colour highlight and the package quality that brought out the best in the product. However, the price of the product remains the same as he believes in offering quality at a consistent cost keeping his focussed market in mind. He believes that every child should have access to nutritious products that aid their growth.

One fine day, we received a parcel from the client. It was a neatly arranged box of the products we designed. One of them was filled with the actual product. He wanted us to taste test. The proof of the pudding was in the product. It was indeed delicious and something that would not only fill a bowl, but also fill a soul.

We spoke over the phone again and we mentioned that we had seen some of our newly designed products on the shelves of shops and pharmacies in Pune. It was a delightful moment for us.