Emma, 29, recently resigned from her corporate job in London. She had been struggling with anxiety and depression, stemming from her family history. She bumped into an old friend at the sidewalk who suggested the app Headspace.

There are many people like Emma who are struggling with anxiety, stress and overthinking to name a few. Anyone can give you 5 activities to help reduce stress and meditation will not even make it to the list.

The concept of Headspace was a brainchild of Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson. Puddicombe pursued his studies in Sports Science at the age of 22 only to cut it short to become a Buddhist Monk. After losing his two friends and a stepsister in an accident, being a monk became his calling. On the other hand, 27-year-old Pierson had resigned from being a marketeer for Axe at a major agency. He was struggling with anxiety himself.

The duo met and Pierson was eager to grasp all that the Zen guru was willing to share from his 10 years of Tibetan monastic training across Asia. The enterprising men shared a common platform to restart a 2500-year-old practise that had long been forgotten. Headspace began as an events company holding conferences around London. The events comprised seminars holding mindfulness talks and sharing meditation techniques. His mission to make meditation accessible encouraged Pierson to develop an application.

The first version of the app launched in 2012. Headspace’s mission is “improve the health and happiness of the world”. Their marketing strategy in terms of campaigns and graphics caused a strong brand recall among tech savvy audiences.
They tied up with Instagram influencers who have a following of 550,000 and above. Their campaigns with influencers who were mothers made them more relatable as it was promoting their family plan. Their quirky and catchy animated characters have helped garner million views on their YouTube channel. Their videos have had more than 88 million views.

Storytelling by the Monk himself

Owing to a tragic childhood, Andy Puddicombe set on a path to mental peace and explore a world that he would later share with the public. Founders can be heavily criticized for having a disconnect with their own brand. Not Puddicombe.
He is the epitome of the brand, sharing his voiceover for YouTube videos and inside the application itself. You can hear his warm words congratulate you on completing a task and sharing the ordeals that you go through on a day to day basis. He puts himself in the middle of the experience making him more relatable with the users.

The cherry on the cake is the design and illustration that Headspace gets right. Using charming and endearing graphics, plus the welcoming voiceover, this app has blended well in the daily lives of millions around the globe.

Headspace runs on a freemium business model. The app has been downloaded by 40 million users across 150 countries and is successfully reaching a valuation of $1 billion.