CASE STUDY: Art Gallery by Tina Kaul


Our client from the United Kingdom, Tina Kaul, is an art enthusiast and owns an art gallery. She had been doing this for a while, building it out of passion. She has been hosting the art gallery for a while now and was looking to create a simple brochure and a webpage that would boost the digital footfalls. She purchased a domain for her art gallery and had an idea to design a digital/printable leaflet. The assignment ran from 18th May to 20th June, 2019.

She got in touch with us and after the financial discussions, we were delighted to undertake the project. She sent a meticulous brief via the email explaining her requirements for the leaflet, the digital drawing and the webpage design. She also sent some logos and emblems that were to be inculcated in the brochure. It was a short and crisp brief with the necessary details and the content.

She wanted the cover of the leaflet to represent the UK passport which had a significant art along with its burgundy colour with gold writings. She mentioned about the Cinque Ports Coats of Arms’ that had to be recreated to place on the cover page. We Google searched the art and recreated a cleaner version of the ‘Cinque Ports Coats of Arms’ which had to be redrawn with a golden border. We replicated the cover which met her approval. We kept the details of the pages inside placing the logos along with the content as per her request.

She sent a few amendments back and forth which were corrected on the days she communicated for immediate closure. There was a slight delay as she could not reach out to us, being in transit. The digital and the printable versions were finalised eventually. She requested that the digital version of the leaflet was meant to be uploaded on the webpage that can be downloaded by patrons visiting the website.

The short and a simple version of the website was created on the Wix platform. The basic wireframe was put into place, but a few things went downhill during experimentation. She requested a map to be placed at the centre that would pop up as the cursor would hover over the map. Due to technical drawbacks, we could not bring out the interactive function in the website. However, the static designs had a bit of misalignment which had to be re-corrected a few times. After multiple corrections, the webpage was finally set up. The last technical corrections were done towards the end by Yash. Thereafter, it was ready to be launched.

She mentioned that despite the snags, the delivery level was smooth, and she was happy with the simple leaflets that was designed. She successfully runs the art exhibition in UK.