How do you drive sales in the Indian Market?

“Sales” in the Indian market is undergoing a paradigm shift

India is a country which opens up multiple prospects based on sales opportunities. Every organization tends to be competitive. Some achieve their set target with excellent outcomes while some fail. These organizations simplify the processes, optimize resource and train its workforce to become effective, so together they can unleash opportunities and enhance their expertise in the product.

A sale is a powerful word, yet fragile and marginal. The sense of spotting opportunities ahead of time is considered a successful trait of Sales. Indian market today is continuously growing ( even when you are reading this). The key is to keep focus, possess ability to take ownership of the situation. Market your product well, present ‘can achieve’ confidence and you will have all the mantra’s to achieve your organizational targets or goals effortlessly.

What are the factors that drive Sales?

This is one of the most quantifiable questions that can be answered based on the sales-strategy, objectives, resource to drive the target and a systematic process to adhere to. Even the best of the Sales strategist fails to understand the fact that, everything is target based. Moving on to the Indian subcontinent — What is worse is most of us tend to calculate and target things as a whole. Instead of measuring it at once –we break the task down into steps.

India recently unveiled its Sales capita Trend report and highlighted the rising importance and various factors that drive sale on our own home ground. It revealed that 62% of the top CEO’s rated India as “comprehensive growth” as the foremost strategic apprehension, offering shared resources in the form of physical capital significance. The country is pro sales drive and is “max-ready” — as concluded by various survey bodies. The ascend of opportunities is a reflection of the increasing significance of determining what is your organization’s goal, channelizing its network with other stakeholders and controlling its eventual accomplishment or breakdown.

All India Sales survey also throws light on some more areas of the booming economy, the need for a holistic approach to jobs, effectiveness of marketing and latest technologies that drives and leads towards sustainable growth are all end product of successful Sales drive in India.

How can one achieve its set objectives?

The only way to achieve the objectives is to ensure you have a great support network that helps you to be more “marketable “ as one who drives it must have adequate productivity, efficiency and ability to take “at the moment” decision. This ultimately results in being “the quantitative winner”. Another driving force is to understand the nuances, measures to meet the objectives and implement right tactic based on the most successful Sales quadrants. Your Salesforce will certainly gain momentum with every growth and eventually, that will result in an increase in revenue and a positive GOP.

The face of the Indian market: Indian market is an impulsive and volatile bazaar, what turns positive for it might not bring in the same result for “B”, irrespective of what you do — let’s understand how to rise to the challenge and help drive sales:

Achieving target is purely integration of mind and the ability to convince and conclude Today it is hard to conclude a big question in just a few words — this requires continuity against the sudden screeching Sales halt.

Let’s pay attention to some of the key factors — Indian Sales implement the five quadrant formula to drive sales — let us understand each one of them.


One of the first quadrants specifies a clear strategy to increase revenue. In order to achieve uphill task –you need to have the mater strategy in place that align with your target and revenue goal well. Usually what is done is sub-strategies are planned without losing the focus of the core of revenue increase. If the strategy is not in place; you will not be able to achieve your goal.


Identify opportunities, areas to explore –highlight the areas which generate maximum revenue and at the same time keep the tap on the competition. Research where your competition-set if slipping, is there something you can do. Analyze both the internal and external factors for opportunities.


The construction is the background that firmly holds the strategy. Construction is one of the essential components that structures the sales strategy. It purely includes Operational and Sales enablement that binds the strategic effort and provides the strategies a strong base to take off.


What Indian Sales market thrives on is the resource, this is another stellar component. Most of the developed nation faces the right resource crunch — but India is blessed. It houses performers, skilled and knowledgeable task force who are trained right from day 1.

These resources constitute the vital part and the most difficult to identify, filter, train and retain. If an organizations handle their resources well — they would undoubtedly have motivated, dedicated and right resource and thereby increase the growth in sales.


In order to drive Sale, one needs a specialized practice in its process. Weak process and practice can obstruct and hinder one’s ability to market and execute. This delay can turn catastrophic since we are dealing with Sales.

Note: These are effective tools that assist the sales drive factor. If your sales organization is not delivering, the problem is in one of these five areas. Identification and subsequent removal of the problems will make the sales organization much more efficient. Working on improving these four critical areas can boost revenues and increase the efficiency of the system.